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The little kid was playing in the garden while his parents were finishing to move in the new house. He had that adventuresome spirit that all kids have, that feeling of freedom and that positive attitude of discovering a new place. His parents never had a house before with a yard and they never lived far away from the city. He was so excited to play outdoors. Quickly, that garden became his favourite place of the house. A fence enclosed the garden with a little door and it would open making a strange noise. He loved to open and close the door (kids have fun with anything) and, from there, to contamplate a mysterious road.

“—Where will this road end? —he asked himself.”

His mom already warned him several times not to leave the garden. But the curiosity of a kid is much bigger than any adult can imagine.

That was how, inspired by his curiosity, our little adventuresome boy decided one day to enter into the unknown.

The road was narrow surrounded by trees on both sides. With each step he was making he could imagine the cabin where he would live and the animals he would meet. In just a few meters he saw a rabbit, some squirrels and all kinds of insects and birds. After walking some minutes he heard what seemed the current of a river. Because of the excitement, he ran as fast as he could to arrive to the desired river but, unfortunately, he bumped into a stone, falling down to the ground and hurting his knees and hands. It was, then, when he found her.


There she was, faded and sad. Far away from the sun her petals didn’t have colour. All the big trees blocked the light and she couldn’t even enjoy the breeze or the sunsets.

“—Did you hurt yourself? —the rose asked the boy.”

“—I think I’m ok. It was just a blow. —the kid answered the rose as if it was completely normal (just as kids can do i) not being surprised that a rose could talk.”

“—You were lucky that you didn’t bump into me. I’m full of thorns. —she replied.”

The kid saw the rose and he noticed her stem was darker than usual and this was full of thorns.

“—You were lucky too. I’m much bigger than you and I could have really hurt you. —he whispered to her, softly, while he was standing up to ending sat close to her.”

“—Then, neither of us would be talking to each other. By the way, Where were you going that fast?”

“—I think there is a river around this area. I would like to find it. Have you seen it?”

“I’m a rose. Roses can’t walk. Besides, it is scary to live close to a river. I can listen to the noise of the water and it makes me feel so scared not to live relaxed if I were any closer.”

“—Do you like to live here?”

“—I think I just got used to living here… —the rose paused— well, don’t distract yourself, it’s time to find that river.”


The kid jumped getting excited again to know he would find the river. He followed the road and, shortly, excactly where the road was ending, he arrived to a field and, there, he found a stream.

“—Pirates! —he yelled.”

He ran again to the shore. He took a stone from the ground and he threw it to the water (Only kids are that happy with those little things).


The sun began to go down and the boy decided to head home. When he was heading back he saw the rose. She seemed even more curled up than before. Maybe because she was afraid of darkness, perhaps because she was cold or, maybe, because she felt lonely. She was huddled and her petals were looking to the ground. For a few second, the silent seized both of them. They couldn’t hear the birds singing, they couldn’t hear the steps on the fallen leaves and the water of the river seemed to have stopped. He didn’t know the reason but he felt so sad. Then, he went back home forgetting where he was going to build his cabin, forgetting about all the animals he saw and forgetting those pirates that were trying to arrive from the water to the shore.


The next day the sunrise was idyllic. The birds woke up the kid with their singing. It was a sunny day.

The family was having breakfast at the kitchen. His parents seemed really in love. They were only in that house for a short but they felt as if this place were always their home.

“—Can I play in the garden, mom? —the boy asked her mom with a huge smile and showing her his empty bowl of cereal.”

“—Of course sweetheart.”

His eyes conveyed enthusiasm.


There he was, whirling in the garden looking for something. Finally, he found a pail between two plants.

“—Great! —he exclaimed.”

As fast as he could he went close to the water tap and took the hose. He filled the pail as much as he could and, again, carefully, he went to the gate with that strange noise he loved. But, this time, he opened it slowly trying to be unheard and he closed the gate with absolute care. He tried not to spill any drops of water. His face reflected concentration and seriousness. Then, he started to walk onto the road.


He was walking slowly paying complate attention to each step checking all the stones and branches. It was clear he didn’t want to bump into anything. The pail was probably very heavy, but he was holding it hard. After a few minutes he saw his new friend, the rose, again.

“—Hi! I brought you some water.”

“—Really? What a surprise! Thank you very much for the water, to be honest with you I feel dry, it hasn’t rained for a while. —the rose answered standing up on her stem.”

The kid started to water the rose with care.

“—From now I’ll bring you water any time you need it.”

“—wow… I don’t know what to say… This is the first time someone is doing something like this for me. Here… life is hard. Each plant fights to be in the best place and takes advantage of the sunlight. I’m too weak, as you see, I don’t have very much light here. —the rose explained with sadness— but, the truth is right now I’m feeling relief. —finishing the sentence much happier.”


The kid kept his promise and every morning went to visit his friend with the pail of water. He watered her with care. He sat close to her and they talked to each other with mutual understanding and total confidence.


The days passed without realising how comfortable they were together. The rose didn’t seem that sad. Her stem was now brighter and, amazingly, it was growing a cute stem with a little leave. The dark petals, litle by litle, were recovering a reddish color. Each time her fragance was more pure and intense.


But, one day, after he watered the plant, the boy pulled a clippers from his pocket.

“—Is this the reason why you took care of me? —the rose asked him terrify.”

“—What do you mean? —he answered her very surprised.”

“—You want to cut me and give me to someone.”

For a moment, the rose felt all those fears again that she had for a long time, the loneliness and distrust of others were waking up inside her. Before she met the boy she never trusted in anybody. All those big trees close to her didn’t let her see the light of the sun and they drank a lot of water when it rained. Many of the insects, who were walking around her, just wanted to devour her and bite her petals. Her only defense was to create a shield of thorns. She remembered then how hard everyday was in the past and how she couldn’t rest or sleep during the nights being afraid in the darkness. And, it was just in this moment when she realized that for some days all of those fears were gone. But, she felt anger when she saw the clippers.

“—How am I going to cut you to give you to someone? Of course not! I’m just going to prune off some thorns. You don’t need all of them now. We should take care of things if we love them. You will be even more beautiful.”


The boy was very tactful. He held the stem of the rose to cut off the thorns.

“—Thank you for taking care of me. I was very scared. —she admitted.”

“—Sorry to scare you. —the kid answered smiling while he was cutting the thorns.”


Their friendship was growing.

“—I was thinking… I’m going to carry you to a place where you can see the sun.”

“—Really? That’s wonderful” —the rose answered totally excited.”

“—Yes! Tomorrow I’ll come back here with a shovel and a pail to take you right next to the field, closer to the river. Don’t be afraid because you will be far enough from the noise of the river and you will enjoy the sun. And, besides, the soil there is more humid, you won’t be thirsty anymore. Do you trust me? —the boy asked her.”

“—Yes, I trust you. —the rose answered him.”


This time the rose had full confidence in him. A few weeks before she would have never imagined that her life would be that different. Now she could feel love and affection from somone. She felt she could trust someone and she felt an inmense joy to have a friend. She shut herself down for too long. The fact was she never got along with any of the plants close to her or the insects who were walking around. Maybe it was time to open herself up to the world.



Finally, the time came.

“—Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. —the boy said.”

He filled the pail with a bit of soil and, little by little, he unearthed her. He put her, very carefully, inside the pail and he filled it with more soil to make her feel even safer in her new adventure. He walked toward the river holding the pail with the 2 hands, hugging it. He could smell that beautiful smell coming from her and she felt so safe and happy in his arms. He was happy to know how strong and healthy she was now, smelling her fragance and watching her majestic stem, straight, green and full of life.

When they were arriving at the river they could hear the sound of the water. The rose didn’t seem to feel afraid. She was now strong and powerful and she understood her fears were ghosts as a result of her insecurity. But now, finally, she knew she shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Then, they arrived at the field and they stopped silently. The day was sunny. They were there enjoying the moment. The rose felt, for the first time, the sunlight with a soft breeze and, immediately, happiness took control of her. It was an infinite and divine light. Her petals opened by reflex and they charged full of life and energy.

The kid saw the perfect place for her. He found some beautiful flowers not far away from the shore of the river. The land seemed very fertile. The different colors of the plants was the best possible view to see over there.

“—This will be your new home. —the boy said to her.”

There she would be around flowers and nothing could block her from the sun. She could enjoy every single sunrise and every single sunset. The environment would be nicer and more peaceful. Her mood was now so different and her confidence in herself was higher. Finally, she felt full and happy.

He put her near the other flowers. He filled the holes around her with more soil.


How gorgeous she was and how gorgeous she felt!


And, there he was… taking care of her one more time.

And, there she was… feeling again the affection and forgetting all of her fears.


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